Introducing FLEXZORB® Activated Carbon Cloth

FLEXZORB® is the world’s leading 100% activated carbon cloth. It’s lightweight. Flexible. Breathable. And it is the most adsorptive material known to science – efficiently drawing gas, vapour and liquid molecules onto its microporous surface and trapping them there.

FLEXZORB® was first developed for the British Ministry of Defence for use in chemical warfare suits. Today, its applications have spread further across the Medical, Military and Industrial sectors.

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Putting statistics into perspective… Due to its microporous structure, FLEXZORB® Activated Carbon Cloth has an extremely large surface area. In fact, just 1g of FLEXZORB® Activated Carbon Cloth has the surface area of over half the size of a football pitch.

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The benefits of specifying FLEXZORB® Activated Carbon Cloth

FLEXZORB® Activated Carbon Cloth is 100% activated carbon. So it’s more effective at adsorption compared to carbon-loaded materials with a lower activated carbon content.

And it’s versatile. So you can choose a woven or knitted cloth, depending on its application. Its weight and thickness may also be tailored to match whatever activity levels its users are undertaking.

FLEXZORB® Activated Carbon Cloth’s microporous structure offers rapid adsorption speeds and to a higher level of purity of both liquids and gases – even in high humidity conditions.

It has also been tested by the UK’s Health Protection Agency and proven to be antiviral and virucidal (when tested against surrogate virus MS2-Coliphage).

FLEXZORB® truly is the most advanced and adsorptive activated carbon cloth known to science.


Perfectly combining flexibility with resilience, FLEXZORB® Activated Knitted Carbon Cloth has a stretchable elasticity. The dense knitted structure ensures that fraying is eliminated and fibre shedding is minimal, this means it is ideal for CBRN protective clothing and wound dressings.


Highly efficient at adsorbing vapours and solvents, FLEXZORB® Activated Woven Carbon Cloth excels where air permeability is needed. This makes it ideally suited for ostomy bag filters or in general filtration applications.

Innovation through inspiration

A brief introduction to Chemviron, the company

We work globally – so we’re proud to say we’re the world’s leading manufacturer of a wide portfolio of activated carbon products. And we have the industry’s leading R&D facilities – where the best people in the business are constantly working on new technologies and smarter processes. It’s what we do to ensure whatever sector you work in, wherever you’re based, you can specify our products with total confidence.